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Walking Guide

Walking Guide

A stay at Notter Mill provides abundant opportunities for walking, whether you're a casual stroller or a serious rambler. As well as pleasant walks around the park itself, Notter Mill offers the ideal base from which to discover the wider region on foot.

Mile upon mile of spectacular coastline, vast expanses of rugged moorland and charming country parks will all be on your doorstep. With such rich and diverse natural beauty to enjoy, and Cornwall's magical sense of wilderness, it's unsurprising that the county captivates those who love to walk in the countryside.

Walks around the Park

The generous grounds of Notter Mill are ideal for short, unplanned walks. Stepping out of your cottage, you're immersed in the tranquil setting of the Lynher valley.

Lynher River
You can stroll along the shaded banks of the River Lynher, which flows along the edge the park.

And there's a secluded woodland track names 'Hales wood' with its seasonal adornments of classic English wildflowers such as snowdrops and bluebells. If you bring a dog on holiday, it will love the freedom of our winding paths and open fields as much as you'll enjoy the scenery.
 Hales Wood

More information on walking

When you check in at Notter Mill, wed be more than happy to suggest further ideas about where to walk around the area. More information about walking in Cornwall can be found on the Visit Cornwall website. Many free route plans are available on the Walking in Cornwall website.

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