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COVID 19 Guidance for Guests

Arriving and Departing from the Park

Thank you for booking with us.  For the safety of everyone you should not travel to the Park if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms. 

It is essential that you send a text (Tel 0751 5505006) or call 01752 843694 to confirm that all members of your party are free of COVID symptoms before you arrive on the day that you start your holiday. You will not be able to check in until we have this confirmation.

We have changed our check in and out times to allow more time for cleaning the accommodation.  Please do not arrive before 5pm.  Try to avoid arriving after 7.00pm and if you are delayed please let us know on the above telephone numbers.

On arrival please park where indicated and remain in your car. We will greet you and give you directions to your accommodation and use of the barrier fob. (Call 0751 5505006 if we are not there.)

On your day of departure please check out by 9.00am,  leave your keys in the bungalow and send a text to the above number to indicate you have left your property and whether any of your party is exhibiting COVID symptoms.

Making Notter Mill Country Park COVID safe

If anyone in your party develops COVID symptoms during your stay please inform us by telephone immediately. You will need to self isolate and make arrangements to return home.

We have made a number of changes to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID infection.
  • An enhanced cleaning regime for the bungalows including removing non-essential items and a Welcome Pack with disposable cleaning cloths, refuse bags for used bed linen, dishwasher tablets, regular cleaning products such as washing up liquid and disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitisers at shared facilities.
  • Closed the swimming pool in accordance with government guidance
  • Other facilities are open but please note.
  • Children to be supervised in the recreation / wild area
  • Rackets and bats to be sanitised before and after use
  • The launderette will be available by arrangement between 10am and 5pm. Please call 07590664583

How you can help:

  • walk freely on the park, at all times observing social distance from other park users and the park team
  • bring soap, hand gel, gloves, toilet roll, disinfectant, hand sanitiser – just to be on the safe side
  • please show consideration for the local community, respect social distance in all contacts outside the park
  • consider bringing your their own supplies of food and drink to reduce reliance and congestion in local shops
  • talk to any of our park team but always observe social distance – ‘we are looking forward to seeing you!’

But please do not:

  • meet or gather with friends in a social group
  • invite or entertain visitors
  • allow children to roam unsupervised around the park so that they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distance rule.

On departure please:

  • leave windows open on the latch (unless it is very windy/rainy) and confirm (electronically) with park that you have done so
  • place sheets, pillowcases and tea towels in the bags provided.
  • empty the fridge and freezer and put all crockery in dishwasher for a final wash.
  • leave keys and fob on the table.

Thank you
Celia, Ray and Steve
27 June 2020
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